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Labour Licences


This is a fund created and managed by a Central Government Trust where employers and employees contribute specified amounts every month during the employment tenure of the employee. The contribution attracts an interest payable by the EPFO.

Business Entities can or need to register for PF :

  • Voluntarily - Any employer employing less than 20 people can voluntarily opt for PF registration. This is done to implement better employee benefits and retention and also help protect employee's interests.
  • Mandatorily
    • Establishments employing 20 or more persons and engaged in any of the 180 industries / Classes of Businesses specified.
    • Co-operative Societies, employing 50 or more persons & working without the aid of power.
    • Establishments not coverable statutorily can come under the coverage of the Act statutorily.
    • An establishment continues to be covered under the Act, irrespective of the fall in the employment strength.

ESI has been created to provide medical benefits to workers and employees of factories and other commercial establishments whose wages/ salary is under a specified ceiling. This ceiling keep changing on timely basis and is currently Rs.15000/- per month with effect from 01-May-2010.

  • Factories employing 10 or more persons irrespective of whether power is used in the process of manufacturing or not.
  • Shops, hotels, restaurants, cinemas including preview theatre, road motor transport undertakings and newspaper establishment employing 20 or more persons.
  • Private Medical and Educational Institutions employing 20 or more persons in certain States.

Professional tax is a tax levied by State Government (mostly governed by Municipal council of the State Government) for profession or employment.

Every company which transacts business and every person, who is engaged actively or otherwise in any profession, trade, calling or employment is liable to register and then pay professional tax.

Types of Registration

  • Employer - Applicable for the company or the person who is treated as an Employer. Even if the company/ person does not employ any work force, this registration is applicable. In most of the states, this is a fixed amount (around Rs.2500) which is paid annually.
  • Employee - Applicable for any employee who is in service/ employment of any company. Tax rates are based on income slabs and are paid monthly/ quarterly through their employer.
Shops & Establishment

Shops & Establishment registration helps the State Government to provide minimum benefits and relief to unorganized sector employees. It also helps maintain and regulate conditions of work and employment. This is issued per premises and does not have a centralised registration concept.

Any commercial outfit like where a commercial activity is conducted needs to register under Shops and Establishment.

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